Tax Returns & Year End by Adam Drust CPA

Tax Preparation for Cannabis Companies

Canna Drust provides tax preparation services for cannabis companies across the United States.

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Controller, CPA & Cannabis Expert

CPA for Cannabis Businesses

Adam Drust is a Certified Public Accountant specializing in taxes for cannabis companies.

280E Taxes for Cannabis

We specialize in helping people understand the 280E rules for your cannabis business.

Bookkeeping, Tax Reduction & Tax Returns

When you work with Canna Drust & Adam Drust CPA, we'll help you with accounting, bookkeeping and tax returns for your cannabis business.
Cannadrust Accountant & CPA for Cannabis Industry

Tax Returns & Tax Prep for Cannabis Companies

Adam Drust, CPA & the Canna Drust accounting team provides tax preparation for all businesses in the cannabis industry, including dispensaries, farms, distributors, and delivery companies.

Dispensaries and businesses in the Cannabis sector are facing mounting bureaucracy and taxation, and we're here to help.

  • Tax Preparation
  • Year End Audits
  • Year end Tax Returns
  • Aggressive and Pro-active tax reduction planning
  • Consulting & financial statements

CPA that Specializes in Cannabis Industry Tax Returns

If you're looking for a certified public accountant that specializes in the cannabis industry, helping organizations not only stay compliant, but work to mitigate your taxes, then Adam Drust CPA is here to help.

We provide tax return preparation, financial audits, and tax preparation services you can rely on; there's no size or scope of business we're not able to help.

When you choose a CPA for your cannabis company or dispensary taxes, make sure you consider a couple of things.

  • Are they a Certified Public Accountant?
  • Do they have a history of providing high level accounting?
  • Do they understand the 280E tax laws and compliance rules?
  • Are they proficient in your state?

Tax Returns for Cannabis


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