CFO & Controller Perspective:

Adam Drust, CPA

After decades of providing high level CFO, controller and CPA services within large corporations, we’ve developed a fantastic controller, CFO, tax and accounting service specifically tuned for the Cannabis Industry. 

Dedicated to Financial Excellence

Cana-Drust is dedicated to empowering organizations to improve their profitability, scalability & stability.

Our story

Share your journey from the beginning to now


Graduate of St. Joseph's University PA

Went to school at St Joseph’s University in PA, graduated in 2008 with degree in accounting.

2008 - 2012

Started Auditor Career in a Small Accounting Firm

I joined a small accounting firm as an auditor in 2008 while I was finishing school.  Because I was working in a. Smaller firm, I was given a lot of reasonability fast, which was the perfect environment to grow and learn with hands on application right away.

2012 - 2014

Controller at Harcum College

I became a controller at Harcum College where I learned a great deal of internal preparation for audits.  I had full responsibility for the accuracy of financial statements and implemented the internal control framework of the finance department.  Finally, I was responsible month end and annual close procedures and directed all the budget meetings with department leads and oversaw the formation of the annual budget.

2014 -2019

Trinity Health Merge Auditor

In 2014, I took an opportunity at Trinity Health, where I was the senior internal auditor during a complex merger of two health system.  The stakes were higher, as the company had annual revenues of 15bn, and the merger was complex.


Drust CPA & Cannadrust

After helping a handful of small businesses, I followed my passion and started Drust CPA.  We launched Cannadrust CPA after a few very enjoyable and impactful engagements with cannabis clients.

Our vision

I enjoy the finances of small businesses because it’s incredibly impactful to families and their business.  I’m able to bring a level of experience and insight that really clicks for them and delivers value that transforms their business.

Cannabis CFO & Accountant

We Navigate the Bureacracy

We know how hard cannabis entrepreneurs have to work in order to abide by the bureaucracy and red tape the IRS and regulatory authorities provide, and we also understand what it takes to establish pristine financials that will help you hit your goals.

Whether you’re looking to attract investors for your cannabis business, prepare to sell, manage your investor relations, or just get the peace of mind at night so you can focus on running your dispensary or cannabis business, Cannadrust is here to help.