We provide payroll services for Cannabis Companies

Payroll for Cannabis

Canna Drust provides payroll services along with tax & accounting for dispensaries & cannabis companies across the country.

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Controller, CPA & Cannabis Expert

Payroll Setup

We'll help you setup and integrate the perfect payroll system for your organization, no matter the size.

New Employees & Contractors Made Easy

When you get new employees or contractors, we make setting them up easy and we'll take care of everything.

Excellent Pricing & Systems

Our payroll systems are easy to use and we integrate them with the perfect accounting and bookkeeping system for cannabis.
Cannadrust Accountant & CPA for Cannabis Industry

Payroll for Cannabis Companies

If you're a cannabis company, we can help you onboard new contractors and employees, and we'll help you establish the best, easiest to manage payroll system possible.

Payroll for Cannabis companies need to integrate properly with our reporting and audit structures, and as we're sure you're aware, the margins for error are significantly lower for cannabis companies.  We'll ensure that your payroll system is always audit ready and we'll help you avoid the pitfalls and confusion associated with a 280e tax environment.

Avoid Mistakes & Audit Red Flags

We know how to avoid unnecessary audit risks, and red flags in the payroll system and integration with accounting, is important to pay close attention to.  When you get payroll services setup with Canna Drust, we'll perfectly integrate it with your audit-ready accounting so that you're not left exposed to unnecessary wasted time and mistakes.

Canna Drust Payroll for Cannabis Companies

If you're looking for help selecting, implementing and operating your payroll system so that you can rest assured it's done properly, and you can save time and focus on what you do best, then Canna Drust Payroll services is perfect for you.

  • We'll tackle the setup & implementation
  • We'll make year-end a breeze
  • We'll help avoid problems & audit red flags
  • Avoid wasted time & staff hours
  • Do what you do best, and we'll take care of the accounting & payroll

Rest Assured & Run Your Business

We'll keep you focused, worry free, and able to run your business. We'll create an environment where surprises are eliminated, the preparation is done, and you can enjoy building a hyper-profitable company. Don't waste time in the complexities, and don't work with an outdated & archaic CPA firm. Get specialized cannabis payroll, tax & accounting from Canna Drust CPA Tax & Accounting!

Payroll for Cannabis


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