We help cannabis businesses as their Outsourced CFO to help them grow.

Outsourced CFO for Cannabis Businesses

We'll provide controller & CFO level guidance, audit, and oversight to your cannabis business.

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Controller, CPA & Cannabis Expert

Avoid Bureaucracy & Red Flags

We'll ensure you're always in compliance, minimizing taxes and ensuring appropriate risk.

365 Audit Readiness

Your cannabis company will absolutely get audited and our wisdom & implementation around cost accounting ensures compliance & readiness.

Prepare to Sell or for Investment

We help cannabis companies of any size get prepared to sell, attract an offer, or even prepare for investment. Your lenders & investors will love your financials.
Cannadrust Accountant & CPA for Cannabis Industry

Start Right, Grow Well & Attract Investment

We help mid-sized, large and small cannabis companies grow and evolve into hyper-profitable operations.  We know that your goals might differ, and we'll provide specialized & personable help to your business.  We're deeply passionate about the cannabis industry and we love helping entrepreneurs grow into their full potential.

Outsourced CFO for Cannabis

Adam Drust CPA & Canna Drust provide an outsourced Chief Financial Operator service where we'll provide the insight, guidance and perspective that a CFO would, without giving up the equity or corporate salary.

Get Top-Tier Guidance for a Fraction of the Price

Startups need to operate as lean as possible and it can feel like everyone's trying to take a piece of your business.  We want to provide high-levels of service at an excellent value so that your business can thrive.  

Personal Service by Adam Drust CPA

When you work with Canna Drust, you'll get real, personalized service from CPA Adam Drust, and we'll make sure that when you need help, answers, reports or guidance, your phone call is answered.  We're passionate about providing the best service possible to our clients, which is reflected in our customer reviews.  

CFO for Cannabis Companies


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