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Tax & Accounting for the Cannabis Industry

We help cannabis dispensaries & companies lower their taxes, stay compliant, and keep pristine financials to accomplish their goals.
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Controller, CPA & Cannabis Expert

Cannabis Accountant & Bookkeeper

Conquer Every Audit
& Get Pristine Financials

Running a business in the cannabis industry is fraught with bureaucracy, taxes & uncertainty. I'll serve as your expert outsourced accountant to guide you through.

Improved Cash Flow

We'll help you take home more money, make your business easier to manage and dramatically improve sustainability by delivering improved cash flow.

Rock Solid Accounting

Our top tier accounting will make it easier to access investor capital, secure and maintain lending, survive any audit and create the best scenario for exit plans.

Reporting Systems

We'll provide you helpful, relevant and easy to access reports that make it easier to run your business. You'll plan better, operate better and bring your business to new heights.

CPA Audit Help for Cannabis Companies Massachussetts.

We're a small team of highly trained & experienced Certified Public Accountants that specialize in helping cannabis companies focus on their business, avoid problems during audits & implement the most solid financial reporting system possible.


280E Strategy Guide

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Our Services

Why Cannabis Companies Choose Canna Drust Accounting & Tax

We deeply understand how to mitigate risk, avoid unnecessary red flags, establish financials that will stand up to any level of scrutiny & perform perfect year end accounting procedures, reporting & statements.
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Avoid audit red flags
280E tax mitigation & pro-active guidance
Cost based accounting
Internal controls & accountability
Attract buyers & investors with pristine books
Stay informed on changes & trends from an industry expert

Easily Switch Your Accounting to Canna Drust

We know switching accountants is difficult, but we've made it incredibly easy to get going & setup correctly.


Connect & Analysis

We start with a conversation and an analysis of your accounting & tax.


We Set Everything Up Perfectly

Once you become a customer, we'll establish perfect, pristine financials.


We Do the Bookkeeping

You and your staff can focus on your business, we'll keep everything up to date.


Consulting & Check-ins

We'll meet throughout the quarter to keep you up to date, and show you what's going on with your business.


Year End Taxes & Financials

We'll do your tax returns, pay in your taxes throughout the year and make sure your year-end reporting goes off without a hitch.
Don't Settle for a Generalist

Hire an Expert Cannabis Accountant

Adam helped me work through a very complex IRA taxation issue. I found him very knowledgeable and thorough while investigating the nuances and intricacies of an astoundingly complex body of law. I find it amazing that a mortal man can make heads or tails of it all.

James Kannard

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Adam is so pleasant to work with. Responds very quick, knowledgeable and professional! I recommend him to anyone needing his services!

Live and Luxe (Natalie Engelbrecht)

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First time using a CPA and I must say it was great. This gentleman is sharp and we communicated thru this 2021 tax process fast and and easy. I like this being a senior and retired Navy person. Highly recommend and will use him again. Thanks

Larry A. Lowe

AKC (AW) USN retired

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Certified Public Accountant for Cannabis Companies

Adam Drust, CPA & Canna Drust is a tax and accounting company based out of Massachusetts that specializes in helping companies in the cannabis industry. If you're searching for an accountant that specializes in 280e, 280e Audits, or that knows cost accounting inside and out, then we're the accounting firm for you.

Cannabis Specialist Certified Public Accountants

Adam Drust, CPA & Canna Drust provides Accounting, Tax, audit, Bookkeeping and Payroll services for cannabis companies.  If you're looking for a CPA firm that specializes in the cannabis business & 280e compliance, you've come to the right place. Adam Drust is a CPA that specializes in cannabis businesses of all sizes.

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Be certain you're audit ready.
Don'y worry about financial statements.
Get reporting & dashboards you need.
Grow profitably and get rock-solid accounting.
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